Streaming TV Ratings May 27-June 2, 2024 5

The rule of Bridgerton — and Shonda Rhimes — on the streaming charts continued into the first two days of June.

Bridgerton declined about 37 percent in viewing time from a week earlier, but the Regency-era drama still ranked No. 1 overall on Nielsen’s charts for May 27-June 2 with 1.38 billion minutes of watch time on Netflix. The series has claimed the top spot for three straight weeks since its May 16 premiere, with another surge likely coming when results for the second half of the season (which debuted June 13) begin to arrive.

Rhimes’ Shondaland also had two other entries on the charts: Grey’s Anatomy came in third overall with 1.2 billion minutes on Hulu and Netflix. Bridgerton prequel Queen Charlotte also edged back into the top 10 original series list, scoring 274 million minutes of viewing.

Jennifer Lopez’s sci-fi film Atlas grew by 36 percent in its second week on the charts, taking fourth place overall and dominating the movie rankings with 1.08 billion minutes of viewing. The week’s top two new series, both on Netflix finished in a near-tie: Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult had 673 million minutes of viewing, while limited series Eric, starring Benedict Cumberbatch, had 672 million. Former Showtime series Your Honor made its top 10 debut with 544 million minutes on Netflix and Paramount+; it premiered on Netflix on May 31.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings cover viewing on TV sets only and don’t include minutes watched on computers or mobile devices. The ratings only measure U.S. audiences, not those in other countries. The top streaming titles for May 27-June 2, 2024, are below.


1. Bridgerton (Netflix), 1.38 billion minutes viewed
2. Bluey (Disney+), 1.21 billion
3. Grey’s Anatomy (Hulu/Netflix), 1.2 billion
4. Atlas (Netflix), 1.08 billion
5. Young Sheldon (Max/Netflix/Paramount+), 947 million
6. Family Guy (Hulu), 868 million
7. Evil (Netflix/Paramount+), 826 million
8. NCIS (Netflix/Paramount+), 821 million
9. Reba (Hulu/Netflix), 707 million
10. Bob’s Burgers (Hulu), 682 million

Original Series

1. Bridgerton, 1.38 billion minutes
2. Evil, 826 million
3. Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult (Netflix), 673 million
4. Eric (Netflix), 672 million
5. Jurassic World: Chaos Theory (Netflix), 443 million
6. Fallout (Prime Video), 369 million
7. Under the Bridge (Hulu), 345 million
8. Outer Range (Prime Video), 314 million
9. Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Netflix), 274 million
10. Star Trek: Discovery (Paramount+), 269 million

Acquired Series

1. Bluey, 1.21 billion minutes
2. Grey’s Anatomy, 1.2 billion
3. Young Sheldon, 947 million
4. Family Guy, 868 million
5. NCIS, 821 million
6. Reba, 707 million
7. Bob’s Burgers, 682 million
8. Suits (Netflix/Peacock), 554 million
9. Your Honor (Netflix/Paramount+), 544 million
10. Law & Order: SVU (Hulu/Peacock), 540 million


1. Atlas, 1.08 billion minutes
2. Dune: Part Two (Max), 422 million
3. Madame Web (Netflix), 310 million
4. Moana (Disney+), 295 million
4 (tie). Colors of Evil: Red (Netflix), 295 million
6. Shrek (Netflix), 247 million
7. The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Netflix), 236
8. A Simple Favor (Netflix), 220 million
9. Thelma the Unicorn (Netflix), 197 million
10. The First Omen (Hulu), 182 million

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