MSNBC Brooklyn Live Event to feature Rachel Maddow, Jen Psaki 5

Think of it as a Justice League for MSNBC fans: In an expansion of its live events strategy, the cable news channel is convening more than a dozen of its hosts in Brooklyn on September 7 for a ticketed event that it is calling “MSNBC Live: Democracy 2024.”

Democracy 2024 will see conversations and in-depth discussions with hosts like Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Lawrence O’Donnell, Jen Psaki, Alex Wagner, Joy Reid, Andrea Mitchell, Katy Tur, Ari Melber, Michael Steele, Stephanie Rhule, Alicia Menendez, Symone Sanders-Townsend and other hosts and contributors.

Steve Kornacki will also deliver a live version of his poll breakdowns, two months before Election Day.

Luke Russert, who is spearheading MSNBC’s live events strategy, will moderate the event.

“I think [Democracy 2024] does two things. I think one, it puts — for the first time, at least as far as I can recall — all of the MSNBC hosts and contributors in the same room with direct access to the people who watch them the most,” Russert tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Secondly, I think what is is really unique and nice is that in TV, you’re sometimes limited by how much you can put into segments, right? You only have eight minutes in this segment, or 12 minutes here, four minutes here, and the conversation is not as organic as it can be in person and on stage. So I think being able to have all these MSNBC hosts and contributors, and then the ability to have them have organic conversations and moments with viewers will really be special. I think people will be better informed and more connected.”

The exact format is still being discussed, though there will be both a morning and afternoon session, and Russert hopes to bring some of NBCUniversal’s production capabilities to play.

“Part of what we are very blessed with at MSNBC is having the production capabilities of television that we can bring into a live audience space, which really differentiates us some some other people who play in this space,” he says. “So it’ll definitely be something that’ll be engaging. We’re going to try to use all the bells and whistles at our disposal and have that sort of television production element.”

Notably, MSNBC is also offering more than just live conversations. There will also be a seated dinner and reception for about 230 guests who will get to mingle with MSNBC talent.

“I think what’s interesting about the dinner is here you have an opportunity — especially if you’re a die hard MSNBC fan — to go in and have a real substantive, engaging encounter moment with some of the people that you watch every single day,” Russert says.

Or as MSNBC president Rashida Jones told staff at the channel in an email this morning: “We continue to meet our audiences where they are in innovative ways and ‘MSNBC Live’ is a natural extension of that effort. It’s the result of the brand loyalty built by trusted journalism and fostered by the most engaged weekday audience in all of television.”

MSNBC will also debut an upcoming film at the event, though it is still under wraps: “It’ll be big, that’s all they’ll let me say, but it’ll be big,” Russert says.

Democracy 2024 is not expected to be livestreamed, with MSNBC keeping it exclusive as an in-person event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Tickets will start at $119, and the venue can hold about 2,000 people.

Russert adds that, should the event be successful (following the inaugural MSNBC live event “The March Forth” in Washington earlier this year), he has hopes to expand the concept around the country.

“My goal would be for this event in Brooklyn to be successful and at some point, really try to bring all of our hosts and contributors in different places around the country,” Russert says. “MSNBC has a lot of strong markets around the country. You look at places like the Bay Area, look at places like Seattle… Atlanta, Boston, Detroit.”

“I think the other thing that we’re really developing is this idea of solutions-based conversations, and we had elements of that in our in our March event, we’re doing more,” he adds. “We’re working on that and putting some things together that are going to come out this summer, in the fall, of working with different sponsors and working with different policymakers and thought leaders about big, important issues.”

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