Gotham Branded Content Program Connects Filmmakers and Brands 5

The Gotham Film & Media Institute is entering the branded entertainment space, launching a program that it is calling the 2024 Gotham Week Branded Storytellers to Watch.

The program will include 10 filmmakers and creators with experience in branded entertainment and storytelling. During this year’s Gotham Week Project Market, to be held in Brooklyn Sept. 30 – Oct. 4, the participants will be able to meet with brands to develop branded storytelling opportunities.

The Market, one of Gotham’s signature events, connects “emerging and established artists and distributors, financiers, production companies, festival programmers, sales and talent agents, and collaborators to provide creative and business opportunities for groundbreaking storytellers.”

The new program expands that market further into the branded entertainment space.

The initial group of participants include Amandla Baraka, Ricardo Betancourt, Lauren Ciaravalli, Amber Fares, Brittany Franklin, Ursula Liang, B. Monét, Amy Nicholson, Habib Yazdi, and Jackie Zhou.

“We are thrilled to announce our first-ever Gotham Week Branded Storytellers to Watch, a superb group of filmmakers who each have a dynamic visual style and a distinctive storytelling voice,” said The Gotham’s deputy director Kia Brooks. “This new initiative will not only provide these creators with an opportunity to grow their careers in the branded space but also resources to elevate their already remarkable creative filmmaking.”

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