Denis Villeneuve’s Next Film Gets 2026 Release, Will It Be ‘Dune 3’? 5

Denis Villeneuve‘s next feature is getting a holiday release, though it’s uncertain what that project will ultimately be.

Warner Bros. announced Friday that the filmmaker’s next “event film” will hit theaters Dec. 18, 2026 and that it hails from Legendary Entertainment, home to his Dune movies.

Plot details have not yet been shared, but Villeneuve, who most recently helmed Dune: Part Two, previously stated that a third Dune movie would not be his next film. He does have a nuclear war film set up at Legendary, but sources say that Villeneuve may have had a change of heart and could be turning his attention back to Dune. Legendary could not be reached for comment.

The studio also announced that an untitled movie in the MonsterVerse franchise is set to hit theaters March 26, 2027. In a twinned move, a film project from Locksmith Animation that was previously scheduled for that date has been removed from the studio’s calendar. The latest MonsterVerse movie has Grant Sputore directing.

More to come.

—Borys Kit contributed to this story.

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