Alec Baldwin Stars in ‘Clear Cut’ Movie Trailer Ahead of ‘Rust’ Trial 5

Alec Baldwin and Stephen Dorff get caught up in the dangerous world of cutting timber in the Pacific Northwest in the trailer for Clear Cut.

Lionsgate releases director Brian Skiba’s thriller feature theatrically and via digital and on-demand on July 19. Clive Standen, Lucy Martin, Jesse Metcalfe and Tom Welling also star in the movie that centers on Jack (Standen), who tries to leave his past behind him when he starts a logging job but finds that a team of criminals with a score to settle are out to kill him.

“Logging is the deadliest profession in the world,” Baldwin warns Standen in the trailer. “Sure you want to get into this line of work?”

Later, Baldwin is skeptical of Standen’s ability to keep up in the profession. “I had a greenhorn like you once before,” Baldwin tells him. “Couldn’t make it through his first day without screwing up.”

Skiba directed the film from a script by Joe Perruccio. Executive producers include Eric Bromberg, Ram Getz, Greg Meyer, Nick Mao, Michael Mortensen, Jordan Wayne Nott, Matthew Helderman, Luke Taylor, Tyler Gould, Kirk Shaw and Stephanie Rennie.

Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter trial is set to begin next month after a firearm handled by the star and producer of the indie Western Rust was discharged on the film’s New Mexico set on Oct. 21, 2021, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injuring director Joel Souza.

Although he has not recently landed work in major studio movies, Baldwin has appeared to stay busy with low-budget film roles. The Oscar-nominated actor appeared in such 2023 indie releases as 97 Minutes and Supercell.

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