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11incoln pennies that are worth a lot of money

11 1971 s 1c ngc pf 69 rd ultra cameo lincoln penny top pop very rare 160 nr

10 1962 p lincoln memorial no mint mark

9 1976 lincoln memorial rare copper coin one of a kind

8 rare 1969 d lincoln penny cent – no fg initials floating top – error coin

7 1960d large date brilliant uncirculated lincoln cent ships free bu condition

6 1964 d lincoln penny rare l liberty on edge error free shipping

5 1972p lincoln cent error very rare collectible coin

4 rare errors 1964 d lincoln cent l liberty on edge   ddo ddmm more wt 314g

2 1992 d close am lincoln penny fs901 rdv007 ms60 red brown

1 penny coin laughing lincoln

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