Best sci-fi TV shows with 90%+ on Rotten Tomatoes 5

Given the vast choice of sci-fi TV shows available to watch, it’s mind-boggling that we’ve been able to create a list of just 15. It turns out it is, in fact, incredibly hard to achieve over 90% on Rotten Tomatoes from both critics and audience scores, which is how we’ve made our selection. 15 top picks (and some honorable mentions) have achieved this impressive accolade across the entire sci-fi TV show landscape and we’re here to tell you what they are and what marvels they offer. 

From retro animations to forays into superhero worlds to twisty, complex, and jam-packed tales of dystopias and dark futures, there’s an abundance of choice in this list. But, they all share one thing, they’ve achieved what many have failed to acquire – an impressive RT score worth bragging about. 

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