Crazy Frog Joins Eddie Murphy in ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ Promo 5

Eddie Murphy‘s title character in the Netflix film Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F has an unexpected partner for fighting crime.

The streaming service shared a new promo for the action-comedy movie on Friday that features Crazy Frog, the animated character that rose to pop culture prominence with a dance-focused rendition of the franchise’s theme music nearly two decades ago. The new promo features key scenes from the film that show Crazy Frog inserted into the action to cause extra chaos for Murphy’s character.

Netflix’s official X (formerly Twitter) account posted the video Friday with the message, “CRAZY FROG AND AXEL FOLEY???” Among the accounts responding to the post was that of T-Mobile, which commented, “The GOAT of ringtones.” Netflix replied, “Invented ringtones.”

Crazy Frog is credited as a creation of Erik Wernquist back in 2003 that was initially marketed by ringtone provider Jamba! The character’s version of “Axel F” — the franchise’s theme song that was composed by Harold Faltermeyer and first debuted in the original 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop — hit No. 1 in the U.K., Australia, France and numerous other countries around the world in 2005. The Crazy Frog track, which includes the animated amphibian speaking in gibberish, was reworked from a dance version by Murphy Brown and Captain Hollywood that was released two years prior.

“Axel F and ‪@crazyfrog‬ have been an iconic duo since 2005,” read a description of the new promo from the Crazy Frog YouTube page. “Crazy Frog is back with a new music video for the Netflix Film Beverly Hills Cop.”

Mark Molloy directed Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F, and the fourth movie in the film series is currently streaming on Netflix. Murphy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Taylour Paige and Kevin Bacon star in the feature focusing on Foley (Murphy) returning to Beverly Hills to help protect his daughter, Jane (Paige), and longtime pal Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold).

Molloy recently told The Hollywood Reporter that the film’s iconic music was an important part of the latest movie.

“For me, the music of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise has so much of the identity and the tone of the films,” Molloy said. “It’s so critical. We’ve got the score and all of those needle drops in Axel F, which is all a huge part.” 

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